Trying out the Auravedic anti-blemish tea tree clear skin mask

Having perfect skin is a dream for everyone but not all of us are blessed with the right chemical formula of a clear skin and hence, many of us go through hard times trying to cover all those blemishes and look flawless.

When I first got my hands on the Auravedic anti-blemish tea tree clear skin mask that also controls acne, I was thrilled to learn that it fights all the right things in one go. Tea Tree is essentially known for its oil controlling properties and when extracts of tea tree oil are mixed with neem, tulsi, turmeric, aloe vera, papaya, amla and jajoba Oil (as each of these ingredients has their own benefit) it is surely bound to give amazing results.

Amazon Tea Tree Mask

Tea tree balances excess oil and controls pimples, neem on the other hand helps clearing acne and also helps in fading marks, whereas basil is a natural astringent that helps to minimize the pores that in turn again helps in controlling acne.

When it comes to the packaging, I love the how this 100g Auravedic clear skin mask comes in a not so easily breakable transparent bottle. As it is see through, it also helps in monitoring the quantity left in the bottle. The green paper packaging looks so soothing and calm. The color of the packaging resonates with the idea of tea tree, neem and all those good green herbs that is embodied in this face pack.

Auravedic Clear Skin Mask

The best thing is that all the ingredients are clearly mentioned on the bottle so that you can check beforehand if you have any allergies to the same, thus you can avoid it if necessary.

I generally like applying my face masks with a brush as it’s easier to apply like that and also it helps to avoid any mess. Though this particular one can also be applied by your fingers as the consistency is good enough to hold on to.

Auravedic Clear Skin Mask

The texture of the mask is not at all watery so you don’t have to carry a tissue cleaning the residues pouring down your neck, but the consistency of this mask is thick enough to cover all of your face. Though, you can’t re-apply on an area where you have already applied with a brush as due to its thick consistency it gets collected onto the brush on a second application leaving you with a clean no mask patch.

Auravedic Clear Skin Mask with tea tree oil

If you are wondering how you use this mask, well, it’s quite simple and easy. Start your day by cleansing your face, then pat it dry and apply the face mask gently all over your face. Leave it for 15-20 minutes, then wash it off with lukewarm water. Try not to apply make-up post the face mask for at least 3 hours. Even in most of the cases it is suggested to not apply any make-up or creams after a face mask.

Auravedic Clear Skin Mask

Once you apply the face mask and are ready to rock your Shrek face (as it’s of light green colour), you can feel light tingling sensations all over your face but you need not worry, as it’s just the tea tree clear skin mask doing its job. When it comes to the fragrance, it’s quite on a peppermint side and now I believe that tea tree has a peppermint kind of fragrance. Why? Well, I have some other products in my vanity box that have tea tree as their key ingredient and they all more or less smell the same.


The Auravedic anti-blemish clear skin mask with tea tree is best suited for oily skin types but can also be used by all the skin types. It gives your skin a clear and smooth look by controlling breakouts and making dark spots or blemishes lighter. The basil in it helps in minimizing the open pores by keeping them clean and dirt-free thus making the skin healthy and acne-free without drying it.


Yes, that’s the best thing, it doesn’t even dry your skin. I have a little dry skin and I was wondering that this mask may dry my skin out but on the contrary it just soothed my skin. Also, the second best thing is that this mask can be used daily!


Thus, to keep it short, I would like to affirm that this product is indeed great and majorly because of the ingredients in it. It’s available on Amazon Launchpad, so you can pick up your mask there!

Thank You,

Anchal Goel


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