Tips on how to choose the right Mangalsutra

Mangala in Sanskrit language means holy and auspicious. Mangalsutra refers to a holy strand/thread that a Hindu groom ties around his bride’s neck, as it is considered as the most important ritual in Hindu marriage ceremony. It is an essential ornament in the life of an Indian bride.

Now-a-days, we all are moving towards western culture and perhaps the adornment of Mangalsutra in a bride’s daily life is disappearing. This auspicious thread holds a lot of emotional value in an Indian marriage.

But the designs are such that a modern bride deters adorning it, these days. With the help of Kalyan Jeweller’s Wedding Experts, you can choose from different types of Mangalsutra that the bride can wear in their daily routine. If you are an office going woman who has recently got married and does not want to adorn a heavy piece of jewellery in her daily routine or a woman whose heart lies at ornaments, then there are various options that each bride can opt for and look Truly Bridal on their wedding day.

Why to abstain from wearing Mangalsutra, because you think it is too traditional? You should not stop yourself from wearing it just because you don’t want to wear something that is too ethnic. As Kalyan Jewellers present you with varied designs to opt for, you can surely find something that suits your whims.

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From pendant designs to multi-layered chains and diamond embedded to gold studded, Kalyan Jewellers offers an extensive range of Mangalsutras to choose from. What is better than getting a matching pair of earrings designed for your Mangalsutra?

To know more about such tips and, to see what different types of Mangalsutra a bride can own, stream down to the video below.

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