The wedding series ft. Yashodhara

She whispered, “I do”. Those words were not coming for a mature 25-year-old but a sixteen-year-old who fell in love for the first time. Little did she know she will be getting married to the boy who sat next to her. Sometimes life surprises you with unexpected matters. I don’t want to go in detail of how it happened, how did they sustain their relationship, how did it all took place but what you should know and be aware is that nothing is easy. What gets you going is your belief in each other and hope that you will make it to the end. They believed in each other and stronger there believe was in their family. In starting yes, it was extremely difficult but as they say, everything is God’s plan and even you don’t believe in that, then you must know you can turn things around with your belief.


yashodhara 1
yashodhara 1
Many of you thought it’s my Roka Outfit but no, it’s one of the shoots I did with Yashodhara. It’s a label that is in the heart of Khan Market. If you are looking for florals, pastels and especially outfits for your summer weddings or day functions it’s a place to be! I love how modern the designing is and yet they are meant for women who are still touched by her roots.

When it comes to jewelry for this particular outfit it’s best not to go over the top. It even doesn’t require statement pieces. Just a light diamond bracelet and earrings would complete the look. When it comes to heels, I have seen people generally opt for golden, pearl or silver heels but I went for mint green mule from Charles & Keith and well not only they were super comfortable but also super stylish.yashodhara 1
yashodhara 1
yashodhara 1
yashodhara 1
yashodhara 1PS: All the pictures are copyrighted so if you use, please give credits. J


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