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Have you been looking for good balmy matte shades? Well just to let you know there is a difference between completely matte and balmy matte. If you want to see some pure matte shades, you can view it here but in this post, I am reviewing two matte shades from Oriflame. These are from The One Matte Range and they have several shades from  this collection to die for. In this post you can find Molten Mauve and Desert Sand,  two lip shade colours that are in so much trend this season. Molten mauve is a burgundy shade that in yellow light looks like a hue of brown or darkest red. Other one is Desert Sand which is a nude balmy shade that I have been looking for. In the image   below, I have applied the latter one and it totally settles as a perfect nude shade.
 the one matte lipstick shades
 the one matte lipstick oriflame
Also to achieve a perfect matte contour, I have applied Giordani Gold Compact Foundation SPF 15. The shade I have used is a light ivory. As this concealer is more like a mousse, in a harder form, you need to spread it evenly on your skin or it can look patchy. I love the packaging, it is compact, slim and easy to carry. I am not an ardent user of foundations to be honest, it's just lately that because of trying end number of products, I have come to know which foundation or compact suits best for me. This shade is perfect for medium skin tones, someone who is not very fair or dusky. The best thing is that it comes with a SPF, no matter if it is winter or summer, our skin do need these SPF's doses.
giordani gold foundation oriflame
 I hope you guys also checked my previous posts reviewing True Perfect Range from Oriflame, as those products are still the one's I use regularly and could see the difference. You can view that post here.
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