The Lalit Mangar : Weekend Getaway

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The Lalit Mangar is a huge property built on the terrain of Mangar Bani Valley. Literally one hour drive from Delhi. One of those weekend staycation resorts that does not ask for much of your fuel but instead gives you a luxury experience in return. We went their last weekend and stayed there for two nights but if it’s a short weekend even one night is more than enough but don’t forget to go with your friends as you don’t want to miss on the fun activities there.

lalit mangar 67

Wondering what all activities I am talking about? Well from celestial experience to pottery classes and unforgettable Rajasthani folk dance, we participated in all of them and not only it multiplied our fun here but also gave us some beautiful memories to cherish for. Head to the video embedded below to have a glimpse of it. 😛

the lalit mangar pottery

Among their experiential activities they also have a tea corner, casually known as Tapri! You know those pleasant evenings where you are sitting on a cot (khaat) and listening to the sound of peacocks from the near buy lush green village and sipping onto soulful tea while snacking on delicious savouries, such was the way we spent our evenings at The Lalit Mangar.

the lalit mangar tapri
lalit mangar 787

Well not only The Lalit Mangar have such fun activities but the fact is that even what they serve on the platter is home grown. Yes, you read it right, they have their own organic farm and believe me when I say that the food they serve is finger licking good. We tried on quite a few food items from their menu and to name a few especially : The Veg Burger, Caesar salad, fresh and chilled mojitos and lastly carrot cakes.

lalit mangar burger
mojito the lalit mangar
carrot cake lalit mangar
the lalit mangar 23
lali mangar 67

When it comes to room, they majorly have two categories i.e. Luxury Suites and The Lalit Legacy Suite, we stayed in the former one. Few things that always matters to me when I enter the room are the little details like from small things that may get unnoticed but are there to make you feel more comfortable and lastly that what balcony view my room will have, and well, The Lalit Mangar had both of them.

the lalit mangar bedroom
the lalit mangar bedroom
lalit mangar balcony view
the lalit mangar bathroom

Amongst all the experience, we even did experience pleasant weather when it was raining wind blowing so strong that it can literally give you goosebumps. Best time to visit The Lalit Mangar is between October – March. the lalit mangar
the lalit mangar

Lastly, before bidding adieu to their cooperative staff we relaxed at their Time Reversing Spa, which I have reviewed earlier so don’t forget to check it out!

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