Tamarind Hotel Goa

Amongst all the resorts we hopped in Goa, Tamarind had the vibe that can go pretty well with a chill and party feel. All you party lovers who want to stay in a resort with no hard and fast rules but the are looking for one that gives you space to chill out with your besties, then this is where you should plan your next stay. When it comes to food, their very well renowned Cafe Cotinga serves you some world-class delicacies and savories for your sweet tooth.

The Tamarind Hotel located in Anjuna stands as a perfect place to spend your Goa Vacations and moreover it is even near to our favourite party place ‘Cabana’! Most of the times, you really don’t want to drive to the nearby beach nor you want to walk and well, Tamarind Goa has solution for all, they give you bicycles rent-free and you can ride all day long! 😉

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What I also loved that unlike many resorts and hotels, they have free breakfast for all of their in house residents and well, the variety they have is drool worthy. Even if you are a hardcore vegetarian, you won’t be disheartened to opt for veg options. Though I am an egg lover and for me Continental Breakfast always wins over any other type of food but even their veg burger, red sauce pasta, grill sandwich are few of the food items that are at par from many other restaurants even in Delhi.

When it comes to their in-house bakery aka Contiga, they have some of the best mouthwatering delicacies. Some of the few we laid our hands on were Strawberry Shortcake, Coconut Chocolate Truffle, Banofee Pie! These heavenly desserts would be one of my very strong reasons to come back to Tamarind Hotel Goa.

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tamarind coconut chocolate truffle

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Also guys, Tamarind Hotel Goa is not only about their Food, though take my word for it, you should not miss the chance of dining/brunching there. As they even have live music around evening, so if it’s one of those nights when you don’t want to go clubbing or it’s not Saturday and you don’t have Arpora Market to look after to, you can surely visit here and you would not be disappointed. From beautiful and romantic interiors to courteous staff they have it all.

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The Classic Room at The Tamarind Hotel Goa

Lastly, would like to tell that this post is not at all commercially sponsored and all our views are personal. Though we did not have much to spend at The Tamarind Hotel Goa but even our short stay at the property made it one of those properties where I would personally go again!

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