Pita Nila: The Enticed Beauty

Sometimes you wonder what is it that keeps you awake at night? Is it, fear of being lonely or is there something that is going in your mind? There are things that keep our mind occupied and we just can’t relax ourselves, no matter what! We tend to watch Tv series or perhaps read novels and as a result some people call us insomniac and other’s think that we are just bored from out life. Well, what do you think is the right answer? I don’t think anyone would want dark circles intentionally or would not want to snuggle up in their cozy quilt. It’s just the way it is.

Well, leaving this all aside, I would love to tell you about this amazing designer I found a while ago and yes, I am wearing one of her creation. This suit from Pita Nila not only excels in quality but also designing. After all just see the embroidery ! It simply bespoke of daises and days where you just want to lie down on your picnic mat and look read novels and drink watermelon cooler. Though generally when we think of this idea, the girl in the picture is wearing a cute polka dot dress but well, this suit give you the exact feel.
It’s one of those pieces that can easily be worn for a day function, be it a Roka function of your bestie or simply a festivity.
When it comes to accessorising, pair some floral earrings with the same and try to keep it simple as not only this great piece from Pita Nila is a synonym to elegance but also minimalism.

So if there is function coming up where you want to be on a girly side and yet be elegant at the same time, then this one is for you. You can directly ping Pita Nila or shop their designs from Carma Online Shop.

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pita nila 4
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pita nila 4
pita nila 4

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