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With all the havoc related to wedding trousseau and selecting the best makeup artist available in our budget, we tend to forget that even our nails should look perfect on our wedding day. We all have heard of nail art, and many of us do tend to sit for hours to get our nails done. As girls, we all want to look perfect by the end of the day. However, nail may not hold a pivotal part but good nail paint does complete your look.

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Shanaya Serdesdai the beauty expert from Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers tells us what are the latest nail art trends when it comes to experimenting with your wedding look. We have seen different nail art coming up every now and then; sometimes it leads to piercing on the tip of your nail or other times it is just a design made on your nails. You can watch the video here and try them.

However, the most common ones are the French manicures that spread like the flu among women. Many prefer this style compared to other trends.

The latest trend now is jewel nail art. If you are wondering, what it is then it is sticking different type of jewelled bindi on your nails, accompanied with different Swarovski or similar kind of studs. It is next to decorating your nails with embellished art. It is something new, and it can seriously go wrong if you do not do it rightly. Follow these tips mentioned in the video to get it right.

Glitter Ombre Nails is another trend that brides can look for as a good option to uplift the present glamour factor of your bridal look. You can check the step-by-step approach shared by Truly Bridal.

The best part of the jewel nail art hacks is that you can use similar colours that you are wearing.   You can use various colours from your trousseau on your nails in this way.

Kalyan Jewellers, nail art, truly bridal blog

My favourite one is the manicure or the glitter nail art, what is yours?

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