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Brides! Do you always want to mix and match your clothing with your grooms on your wedding day, and were quite reluctant when you thought about the outcome?

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Well brides, it is your D-Day, so deter not, but do not try to experiment much, as you would not want to look like an outcast on your special day. Mix and Match works well, when both of you compliment each other’s dressing style not when you are too colour coordinated. You can pick up details from each other’s wedding outfit and inculcate them into your outfit. That way you can look much coordinated than you thought you would be.

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It is best to balance out the detailing parts, either you pick up a pop bold colour from your groom or if your groom prefers neutral shades over bold colours then add a hue from your wedding lehanga to your groom’s attire as a safa or a scarf.

As Kalyani Desai, Wedding Expert from Kalyan Jeweller says, it is best to communicate with your groom. It is advisable that you both should know each other’s choices and dislikes before you take a step forward to go wedding coordinated. What if your counterpart loathes a particular shade of colour and your wedding lehanga has detailing of that same colour? You would not want to imprint the same detailing on your groom’s sherwani. It is best to communicate beforehand so that you can get familiar with what your better half wants.

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If you think that your family would not allow alterations on your wedding attire, as some Indian families have different rules and regulations, it is best not to offend them before it’s too late. Rather go for a similar brooch or a same coloured scarf for your man and a dupatta for yourself. You can even go for a same piece of unisex jewellery.

For more such tips and tricks, subscribe to the video below at Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers YouTube channel, and look Truly Bridal on your D- Day.


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