Maybelline : Fit Me Range, Price and Review

Maybelline has come up with these new range of cosmetics which comes at a very affordable price when compared to other foundations present in the market. The range includes foundations, concealers, pressed powders and blushes.
The Maybelline Fit Me Matte range foundation is available in six shades in India, the blusher is available in 3 shades and the concealer is available in another 3 shades. When one range of cosmetics is available in such a huge range than it is advisable to select the matching shades for your skin. In this post I have created a look, in which I have used the Fit Me foundation in Natural Buff shade, Blush in Medium Pink and a Medium concealer. What is astonishing in these products are their price values.

The Fit Me Matte Foundation: Price: Rs 525 for 30ml
The Fit Me Blush: Price: Rs 400 Quantity: 4.5gms
The Fit Me Concealer: Price: Rs 500 for 6.8ml

When it comes to the Fit Me Matte Foundation, what I loved is the matte finish of this product, it surely does not make skin look patchy and cover all the blemishes without looking all dolled up.
Secondly, I am not a concealer person, but tried it for the very first time and quite liked the outcome. It acts as a perfect eye brightener/highlighter. As the product description says the concealer gives a natural coverage that leaves skin the way it was meant to be.. fresh, breathing and natural, and it surely does.
Lastly, the thing that did not satisfy me much was the blusher. I prefer more of a matte skin tone, but the blusher is shimmery. In fact all the blushers in this range have a a spoonful of shimmer in them and has to be applied hard to show the colour.

Maybelline : Fit Me Range, Price and Review
Maybelline Fit Me
Well to show the true colour of all the three products ( Yes, I used the foundation, concealer and blusher) to create this look, I have uploaded a raw picture without any filter.

maybelline fit me range review

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