What we did in LONDON on our Honeymoon

London, a city of dreams, for me and probably for most of my readers too. I have been there twice, once when I was fifteen years old and then now, when I am twenty- six years old. Not much have changed so far, its still a city that has crowd rushing and gushing from all over. The flocks of tourist can be seen all over the place and queues to some tourist spots are still mind boggling.

When I first visited London, ten years back, there was still a charm for Madam Tussauds, London Eye, Aquariums but now I just could not even think of hopping to those places again as London is so much more or you can say I have grown into a kind of person who is not much into Tourist spots anymore. Even earlier, I visited Nottingham, Blackpool during my visit and guys, those places are indeed beautiful!

London Bridge

Best way to travel within London is via tube or on foot and that’s how we explored it all. We stayed at Royal Horseguards and its one of the best hotels of London, we have stayed so far, our room was just adjacent to London Eye and that was our view for day or night! We also explored one of the great cafes that was around the corner by the name of Caffe Concerto, it had one of the most amazing food. J

If you have been reading our blogs, then you would know that our first stop was Edinburgh and from there we took the train to London. We were picked up by our pre booked taxi from King’s Cross Square and when we went out from the Train Station, oh God it was so chilly even in March. Grrrrr!

Scotland to London

View in between our journey to Scotland to London

View in between our journey to Scotland to London

Royal Horseguard

Caffe Concerto

Picadilly CircusThe best thing about our hotel was that it literally is in Central London and all those famous spots were in the walking distance. We arrived around 6 pm and after freshening up, directly went to Piccadilly Circus. If you have been there, you know there is not much to do but the vibe gives you chill. I love how lively this place is and how fun the crowd around is. On the contrary, I can’t really understand what’s the hype around Trafalgar Square, it’s so should not be on your list, you can even have a look at it just crossing by!

Trafalgar Square 1
Trafalgar Square 1
Next morning, we took a Harry Potter tour, which was quite interesting as it was a walk through in London where the whole series was shot and J.K Rowling took inspirations from. You can skip that too if Harry Potter doesn’t interests you!

Next, We stopped at Covent Garden, it’s one of those places unlike Oxford Street where it is not much crowded and still you can shop till you drop. They have some luxury brands in store and now and and then you can witness some great live performances. You can also stop at few eating joints there, they have a varied range from cute cafes too proper dining.

Covent Garden

Hand Made Soap

Hand Made Soaps we found at Covent Garden

Covent Garden
Covent Garden
Covent Garden
While walking down we also entered Neal’s Yard and I was literally awestruck by witnessing the beautiful stree. It had colourful walls and oh-so-perfect cafes and shops. A place that’s a must stop.

From there we hopped to the Borough Market, that is a place where you can find lots of street food vendors and if you are a food lover it’s a heaven for you plus, they have cute flower shops near by if you want to pick a bunch for yourself or that special someone?

Neal Yard
Borough Market

Kunwar Batra
Anchal Goel 2As you guys know by now if you are following me that I am not much of a shopper rather I love picking up stuff for my near and dear ones! So I went to my favourite LUSH store in Oxford Street and ahh! I can spend my entire day there and ended up picking around 20 products for myself and obviously for my sis and mum and I also picked up my favourite Bath Bombs for a great night in my tub at Royal Horseguards. 😛

Lush Cosmetics
Our Next Stop was Soho, Carnaby Street. It’s one of those hep streets where you can shop for Vintage Clothing, Cosmetics and some super yum clothing from small boutique stores, though I mind you none of them is cheap! You must not miss the Bubble Tea from Biju’s it’s my all time favourite and also do stop by at Rosa’s Thai café for some awesome Thai food.

One’s trip to London cannot be completed if you don’t visit Bicester Village. You have a direct 1.5 hrs train from London and it’s a must visit if you are looking to shop some uber luxury brands at factory prices. I got two Coach bags, 2 Timberland shoes, a Versace shade to name a few. They have cute stalls in the midst and the food is yum.

Processed with RNI Films. Preset 'Agfa Optima 200'



Biju Bubble Tea
Bicester Village
Bicester VillageOther than these places, I also went to famous and over hyped Peggy Porschen cakes, it’s a tiny place but overtly crowded, alas! I am not much of a patient person to wait for an hour for a dessert!

PS: We missed visiting to Notting Hills, even though we were there in London for 5 nights, God knows! How the did the time flow!?

Overall London is such a big city that it can never never be explored in one go. So for my next visit, I hope it happens soon, I already have my itinerary planned.  J

Stay tuned for our Ireland Blog.



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