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Summers are everlasting and so is our need for comfort. A casual chic dress with cool huggable fabric is all we need to stock in so that this heat can pass by without leaving any distressful memory. Casual and comfort not only speaks for dresses but also for your favourite sneakers. A high ponytail, your swag shades, a flowing dress and sneakers are the summer essentials that can keep the humidity at bay.

Femella dresses online

I wore this Grey and White striped skater dress on my short trip to Srinagar. Though the thought of moving in this dress near the streets of Dal Lake gave my mother goosebumps. For us in Delhi, this outfit is something so simple that it can even go without noticing but if you have been to Srinagar, you might have an idea of what I am saying. I loved how beautiful the place was, with thousands of houseboats around and the beautifully decorated shikaras passing around selling something or the other. Even the shikara selling vegetables looked so cool to me 😉 .

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Femella dresses online

Femella Dresses
But have you ever been given the true insight of what actually you should wear if you are visiting Srinagar? Try to wear full clothes as we have heard from hundreds of people saying ‘Full Clothes’, well if you don’t want to be anyone’s centre for attraction then it’s the best thing to do. So, yes l I did wear jeans and a shrug with a tucked in top but did these clothes restricted any of the onlookers to not to stare as a pervert? No, it did not. I don’t understand the notion behind wearing decent clothes and not wearing decent clothes. It is in the mindless corrupted thinking of few people of the society that girls or women are asked to wear covered clothes.

We try our best to change these mindsets but have always failed helplessly in doing so. The only thing that I do when I don’t want people to stare is, I wear a pair of jeans instead of shorts. It does not matter really, but we, Indians like to stare girl in shorts ten times more than the one wearing jeans. Sad but brutally true. Though in places like Srinagar, wear anything it does not really matter. You will be seen as a piece of meat by more than a few. But I am happy that the presence of educated class is increasing everywhere and for them your clothes really does not matter and yes I respect all religion but where a women is considered as a subordinate is not where I belong.

Femella dresses online

Femella dresses online

Anyhow the vacation went really adventurous with our visits to Gulmarg and Pahalgam. If you are after the beauty of nature, head directly to Pahalgam. 🙂

Dress : Femella
Shoes : Koovs


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