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If you have seen my previous post around Lancôme makeup, you would know how much I adore the products. When a makeup range of certain brand can be so natural that it feels like a second skin just think how would be their skin care range?

Got a chance to use Lancôme’s Advanced Genefique Youth Activating Serum, though the claim is that it helps in regenerating the luminosity of your facial skin that gets dull over the years and especially when you have to sit in front of your laptop 24×7 and I have felt a slight change after using it for 2 week straight but as these products show long term results, one literally cannot tell much about their effectiveness. Though it does helps in giving you a smoother and youthful skin over time. The best thing about this product is the cute packaging with a handy dispenser.
The cost is quite high for just giving it a try, ask for samples, I am not sure if there are any but do give it a try as who does not want a luminous and rejuvenated skin texture.

Do you like to wash your face every time to remove all that dirt? I, don’t. 🙁 Those are the times when these lovely cleansers come into use. I have made my routine to cleanse my face before going to bed as if you don’t remove the kohl before sleeping, you are going to wake with literally black eyes. This Lancôme Galateis Doucer Gentle Softening Cleansing Fluid is a light cleanser that removes all the impurities from your skin, leaving a well hydrated face. Though don’t confuse it with a make up remover but a soft cleanser with flowing consistency that leaves your face supple and soft after usage.
I loved the packaging and the quantity of this 200ml bottle, totally recommend this if you are looking to invest in cleansers.


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