Kama Ayurveda – Store Feature

Recently we got a chance to visit Kama Ayurveda Store at Khan Market Delhi and as we have worked with the brand before, we thought to skip the doctor consultation (YES, you can have a personal doctor appointment on selecting the suitable skin care range for yourself, isn’t that worth trying specially if you are facing skin related issues?) The doctor being humble and polite addresses your query without leaving any sense of doubt. From my past experience, I can totally assure you that if you haven’t had one, you must look out for it.

From the staff to the ambience of the store, everything looks warm and welcoming . Even if the doctor appointment is not available then you must not hassle, as the staff is quite friendly and is well acquainted about the use and details of the product you choose to buy. Spend time, try and choose the products you like and buy those, you love. <3

Also, I got lucky as I met Mr. Vivek Sahni, co-founder of Kama Ayurveda at the store along with the legend Christian Louboutin at the Kama Ayurveda, Khan Market store. Had a lovely time talking to both about what they feel of the brand Kama Ayurveda and Mr Louboutin himself vouched for the brand, isn’t that sweet?

Loved the authentic and organic vibes you get from the store, with raw materials to a small testing session at your reach. Isn’t it best to test and feel the products before you buy them?


As you are aware, we are doing a beauty campaign on all our social media platforms, where we are featuring a brand for seven days on our portals. So we got a chance to pick the selected seven products that we have showcased on our social media portals, you can check them here : Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

We will soon be doing a detailed review for the best of the products among the lot, we received. 
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