Is your best friend getting married ?

Is your best friend getting married? This question literally makes you skip a heartbeat, isn’t it? Best friends or soul sisters or your best buddies are those individuals in your life for whom you can go to any heights to get a smile on their face. With them, you seriously would not mind sharing your personal things. These people mean the world to you and you mean everything to them. Even thinking about the fact that your best friend is getting married gives you goose bumps.
When it comes to the wedding of that special person in your life, you just want to look the most gorgeous girl beside your best friend on her D-Day. Well, why should you not aim for the same? In fact, you both are sisters from other mothers. Though you must share this same enthusiasm with the bride’s biological sister as well, if there is any, or else things could turn nasty.

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When your best girl is getting married, try not to overdo any part of your ensemble. From makeup, to accessorising or your attire, keep the look simple, chic and light. You don’t want to be too flashy to out run the bride herself. The tag of bridesmaid comes with a whole bucket list of responsibilities. You are expected to co-ordinate with the brides’ family for ceremonies that are a part of the wedding.

best friend getting married

So girls, Maia Sethna, the wedding expert from Kalyan Jewellers suggests this rightly that you must need to work out and eat healthy prior a month from your best friend’s wedding so that you maintain the glow on your face and look as ravishing as you wanted to be. But other than the glowing skin, you will definitely feel light and energetic that would not make you prone to sloth.
Other than keeping your diet healthy, you must take good care of your skin, as you would not want any acne breakout at the end moment. When you have taken due care of your skin, half of the stress will be washed away, believe us! Then is the time that you invest your emotions and money on what will you wear on her D-Day. Take a cue from Maia, who has curated two looks for you guys.
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