Incorporate Kudan Jewellery in your modern wedding wear

Our grandmother’s, mother’s or family’s jewellery is symbolized as heirloom for a reason. The term itself holds an essence of integrity. An integrity that was well kept by our family and now it is on us to keep it intact. But as it gets old we forget about them. But why to keep them locked when you can simply flaunt it and look truly amazing? What can be a better occasion than a wedding to adorn such precious pieces?

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We are aware that these heirloom Kundan pieces holds a lot of weight and even a single kundan strand or raani haar on your neckline is more than enough when it is one of your wedding related function. But if you are a bridesmaid then it is best to pair this jewellery with a minimalistic outfit so that balance is achieved. Add an antique ring to it and you are good to go.

As we have seen in movies and as our Indian tradition is, we all love to adorn ourselves with ornaments. Whether it is a hathfool, armband, waist belt, matha patti or a borla. There are so many ways in which we can incorporate our heirloom jewellery in our modern ethnic outfits. Either you wear the old traditional kundan earring as a matha tika or a broach, any which way, you are ready to rock the look.

We all know how much our heirloom jewellery means to our family, so it is best to take them out from the lockers and wear them in a way that it looks super stylish rather than keeping them locked and forgotten. But be careful while adorning each ring and every strand, as these pieces are precious to our family not only in monetary terms but they have an emotional element attached to it.

If you are looking for more such ways on how to incorporate the heirloom jewellery, stream to the video below by Kalyan Jewellers.

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