While sitting at my workplace, sometimes I still venture into a peaceful life where the hush of backwaters, the calmness of the sea resonates. The paddy fields and the natural beauty around still leave a heartwarming effect. If you still don’t know what I am talking about then let me tell you, that you haven’t visited Kerala yet!

This God’s Country has its own vibe where the people are humble and tourism breathes fresh air. I visited Kerala quite a few years back and the memories of this adventure still remain with me. Kerala has a lot to offer to any individual, from a cheerful nightlife along the Kovalam Beach to the ever so satisfying ayurvedic massages. One can enjoy the natural wildlife and on the other hand, can also experience the soothing backwaters ride. From the world’s best coconut water to fragrant tea and coffee plantations, it enchanted me to the core.

I have been an avid traveller from quite a long time now and one thing that I always prefer while travelling is to aid the country and city I visit. Not that they will become rich because of me but I try to support them by booking directly from the natives and even try to shop from locals whenever possible. Not only it gives me a cool shopping experience with varied things but sometimes I also get a good deal. Not to mention but this way you also quite learn about the particular community.

human by nature, Kerala

On that note, whenever you plan to travel to Kerala, do try to support the community by booking your stay directly from them and hopefully, you can contribute to Ecotourism.

This blog is a part of Human by Nature Campaign by Kerala Tourism. An initiative that tells us that Kerala is more than just a place of natural beauty. A campaign that’s an amalgamation on how deeply rooted are the people of Kerala to the landscape and beauty around them.

They together make Kerala unique. I still remember the smiles and tranquility on their faces when I visited Kerala, how helpful they were, and how joyful are they among nature and also, how beautifully they nurture everything around themselves.  The smile on the face of tea planter women, the calmness on face of the masseuse performing Ayurvedic rituals, the joy on the face of the boatman are some emotions that are unmatchable.

The astounding fertile landscape with a breeze smelling of the sea is what makes me remind of travelling to Kerala.
When you visit Kerala, there are ample of things to do and experience, I personally may have not experienced all but I am sure going to state a few that you must add in your bucket list!

a. Tea Gardens at Munnar – Looking at Mountains full of Tea Plantation is jaw-dropping.
b. A stay in House Boat and Shikara Rides at Alleppey – Yes, you will find backwaters here and the sight is mesmerizing.
c. Spice Tour at Thekkady
d. A visit to Coffee Plantation at Wayanad
e. A musk visit Varkala Beach and Kovalam Beach
f. Ayurvedic Massage
g. Kochi

There are many more experiences that you can live while visiting Kerala.

human by nature, Kerala

When you talk about The citizens of Kerala, you will be glad to know that they don’t differentiate between any two individuals no matter what is there caste or creed and that’s what makes them God’s people. There is no doubt that the literacy rate in Kerala is so high as that is something that you can even feel in everyone’s behavior. The residents of Kerala are indeed Human by Nature and through the various festivals and cultural performances they indulge in we can surely make out that how proud they are of their culture. They have gracefully aced it all be it the alluring art of Kathakali or Martial Arts. A cute incident that happened when I was Kerala, there was this Kathakali dancer and I really wanted to talk to him about his experience and strangely he was happy to discuss all the details of the same with me. I was indeed totally touched by that gesture.

The best thing is that the people of Kerala are in unison with the nature around them. The way they live their daily lifestyle, the daily choirs and even the smallest things are done with respect to the nature around them. Like, the flower shop canoes in the backwater just stole my heart and honestly made me remember my other trip to Venice. Best thing is that there is no complaint amongst them as nature is their true home.

Lastly, if you guys travel to Kerala soon, don’t forget to tag us or if you have any query, we would love to answer it.

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