How to plan your wedding trousseau

In the long run, it does not matter much that on what venue did you get married or who the caterer was? But what remains intact is your wedding trousseau that you carry with your. The cost of the wedding trousseau should be included in your wedding expenses, as it is a much needed thing that helps you to survive when you enter into a new home. Most of us may not even be aware of the fact that a wedding trousseau should be maintained properly, but on the contrary, it is one of the most crucial things you should plan comprehensively.

So the priority for your wedding trousseau should be to Fix your Budget, as you don’t want to go overboard with unwanted expenses and regret later. It is best to figure out your budget so that you do not have to cut down some other vital expenses.

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Secondly, choose your trousseau style; what if you are a person whose heart lies only in western wear and has to work out her way to the corporate world after a week, post your wedding? It is best to buy those things that suit your lifestyle and not go lurking after those which will be unimportant as a part of your daily routine.

Thirdly, choose your Jewellery Style, in a wedding, the girl’s family end up gifting her gold and diamond laden sets, but what you have to be assured of is to select those pieces that can also be reused not only on wedding occasions but even on some happy beginnings of life.

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Lastly, invest in your makeup yes, it is a must. Indulge in buying mostly all the lip shades that you can think of applying. You may not go for a one particular brand, but can look out for the best shades of most the makeup brands. From foundations to primers to crayons, choose wisely. It is best to choose and buy the right shade and carry it along in your wedding trousseau. As you would not want to wake up a day after your wedding and realizing that your old foundation bottle is empty.

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So girls, plan your wedding trousseau a month before your wedding, so that you can easily relax through the first month of your wedding. Also as it is not the end of the world, even if you miss on to some tiny miny things, you can surely buy them later.

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