Honeymoon Beauty Essentials

Each one of you would have thought at least once, about your ideal honeymoon destination. Isn’t it? There are places that you would have read about in top ten honeymoon destinations or watched those movies where going on a honeymoon seems like a trip to paradise.

After all, the memories that you would create on a honeymoon will last for a lifetime and you would not want to experiment much with anything whether it’s your choice of destination, clothes or your makeup.

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A friend of mine had a really bad experience while travelling with her husband to Australia. Unfortunately and in the rarest of cases, they both lost their luggage. The staff members at the end of the day were able to recover only my friend’s handbag. Lucky for her, the handbag had all her makeup! It is not something that might happen with everyone, but why take chances? Especially, with your looks as makeup is an essential part of every woman’s idea to look her best. Take a cue from Maia Sethna, the beauty expert from Kalyan Jewellers, on honeymoon beauty essentials but before that here are some tips from our side.

  1. Try to bifurcate everything you will need for a trip in two luggage bags. From your makeup essentials to your clothing, a smart distribution will ensure that you are set for a hassle-free vacation.
  1. If you are going to a sunny place, a sunscreen is a must. Carry the right moisturizers to keep your skin healthy and glowing. This is a must to look your best throughout the day.

    honeymoon essentials

  1. Carry the right quantity of shampoo. Instead of carrying a huge bottle, you can pour the required quantity into a smaller bottle. It will give you more space and weigh less.
  1. Don’t carry dozens of lip shades, but keep the essentials ones such as red, pink, nude, and a dark tone handy at all times.
  1. It is advisable that you carry perfume testers instead of regular bottles. It will not only save space, but the chances of the bottle breaking are less.
  1. When it comes to skin coverage, you must carry a good concealer to hide your dark circles and blemishes, and a BB cream to give your skin an even and natural look.

Well, the list is not complete yet. There are many more pointers that you should note down to make sure you look gorgeous in all your honeymoon pictures. Maia Sethna shares more tips that you can use, in the video below.

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