Feeling summer refreshed with Fiama Shower Gels

Delhi weather has taken a turn for the worst. If the scorching dry heat wasn’t enough, the weather gods have mixed the heat with an extra dose of humidity. There’s only one way to keep yourself refreshed in this season – a nice cool bath!

You may just dismiss bathing as a daily chore. Not me! It’s that special time of the day when I can forget about the stressful demands of life and focus on myself. There’s nothing like a long bath, especially after a hard day’s work. Let the water undo all those stress knots, as you get lost in the luxury of the moment.

If you too enjoy bathing, then the best body cleansing product is a shower gel. Recently, I got the opportunity to try three variants of the Fiama Shower Gel range, and I was hooked. Since then, it has taken a permanent place on my bathroom shelf.


fiama di wills shower gel review

Each variant not only smells amazing, but its aromas are long-lasting as well. It keeps me fresh and going through the day, particularly the Patchouli and Macadamia ones, which is also my personal favorite. The fruity, floral fragrance really helps in de-stressing me.

Soap is not only harsh on the skin but also particularly bad for the important proteins that retain moisture on the surface. For someone like me whose skin dries with the weather, it’s the perfect solution.

fiama di wills shower gel review
What’s more, I discovered that the other two variants were nothing short of amazing as well. I just had to get the Lemongrass and Jojoba shower gels. The citrus scent of the lemongrass keeps me feeling fresh all day, while the little Jojoba beads provide a gentle exfoliation.

Apart from the amazing scents, their consistency is perfect and not runny at all. I like the clear plastic bottles as I can use them till the last drop of the product. The fact that the range is easy on the pocket also helps make it the go-to brand for me.

fiama di wills shower gel review

fiama di wills shower gel review


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