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Have you ever wondered what to do with problematic sides of your body that you try to tone every now and then but don’t really move enough to get rid of those extra kilos? But when you step in the trial room of your favourite brand all you can curse those extra cupcakes you had because now that skin fitted jeans just don’t look good on your thighs or that loose spaghetti top just make your shoulder looks wide.

fabulyst-1We girls always fuss about these little things and at some point of time, we give it up, thinking that so what if we don’t fit into this size, we look good the way we are. But after some time, that feeling just strikes back again making us feel why god why?

So girls if I say lets exercise, even you know you will do it for 2 days and if you are not a fitness freak you will just forget about what I said but what if I say lets play dress up as now you have a personal stylist onboard with you via Fabulyst Style app?

Yes, you read it right. Fabulyst is a style app that helps you to choose the right outfit look for you. If you think that your big arms, big butt or your small torso is a problem just fill it in the app and the personal stylist of the app will curate a set of looks that can make you look more confident in yourself. The way of dressing that makes you forget what really the problematic part of your body is. Well girls, I believe you should be confident enough in your skin no matter how many extra kilos are there. First thing is to be fit and second best thing is to style aptly. I had a great experience using Fabulyst app, though being a fashion blogger I am quite certain with what kind of styles I want to adorn but you know sometimes a second opinion is good and for you all who need assistance by choice, Fabulyst can help you in many ways like:


  1. You have you personal stylist on the go.
  2. You can shop from the app and the pricing is fabulous.
  3. You can ask your stylist to pick a set for you.
  4. You can ask your stylist to match a top with the pants you have chosen.

fabulystWhat else do you need girls? Get ready for a fun and easy styling session that too without any cost.

I downloaded the app before suggesting it you girls and shazam! I loved how the stylist gave me options for the top I liked. When you don’t have to spend hours on selecting the matching outfit then Fabulyst is the app to download. J

You can download their app from your android play stores. Also you can follow and subscribe to their channels to see the awesomeness and not only you can just consult them on the app but on these social media platforms.

Their Youtube channel is much more like a free session of styling all girls like. All those styling videos that you have been saving from here and there that how can you style your crop top, your scarf or your favorite ripped denims now can be watched under one platform and you all fashion lovers will surely love what the Fabulyst Youtube channel has to offer, so do click on the links below to watch the videos and to look what fabulous things are going on in the mind of a stylist.

Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Download URL for the app : www.fabulyst.com/android


Please send us a mail, If you would like to see your brand up here! Email at aanchal.goel01@gmail.com or fill the Contact form below. :)

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