Celebrate Christmas at Select CITYWALK

Christmas vibe is in the air and all I want is to wear red. Around this time we all like to receive and share gifts, the reason being the image of secret santa imprinted on our mind from the time we were young. That sweet smell lingering in the air, sight of cotton snowballs, candy cane, gingerbread, and musical carols, even these words gives us goosebumps. We all are so much in love with Christmas. What is lovelier than going to Christmas markets and buying our heart out? When we think of shopping, the first mall that comes to our mind in Delhi is Select CITYWALK. As the christmas aura hits, Select CITYWALK actively participates in celebrating Christmas with us. From kids carnival to Christmas markets it organises it all.

Christmas Delhi
If you have been visiting Saket, Select CITYWALK, you would be aware of the ongoing Christmas market. Though tomorrow is the last day of the market, if you have not visited it until now then you must, as you can shop plum cakes, Christmas pots and garden accessories, Santa’s little puppies for adoption, apparel and what not. But if you have not and cannot visit then deter not, from 18th – 25th, you can shop and win gift vouchers worth Rs. 5000 and more. The more you shop, there are much more chances to win big. They also have daily mega lucky draws and a Christmas gift for all of the shoppers.
It is one of the malls in which, I can find all the premium fashion stores and when the Christmas vibes are all around you when you are shopping it just doubles the fun. Is it not?


But what all we hate is to bring our nephew and nieces along because you are babysitting them. But thankfully and luckily there is a Christmas Science workshop for kids in Select CITYWALK from 22nd – 24th December.

Also if you are a lone shopper as obviously you would not want those little kids that you dropped for the workshop to pick up your shopping bags than you do not have to worry, as now Select CITYWALK even provide The Delivery Service that ensures that your bags have a safe passage home! Is that not just great?

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