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We all have seen marriages in our first families and somehow have a broad idea about what a family goes through when it comes to doing all the preparations and worldly decorations. Now everyone wants a big fat Indian Wedding just perhaps because of the tag that comes attached. But do we know what went under the table to make that wedding look successful?

Well, you may even think that you don’t desire for such luxurious weddings but a small gathering of your loved ones and yes, that’s absolutely fine because it’s your decision and it’s your marriage. But other than thinking about your wedding ensembles there is another important thing that you need to give a thought. You need to support those systems in which there is a minimal material exchange between two families who are about to get married. Yes, it is not just a marriage between two individuals but it is between two families who give their thousand percent to make a wedding take place.

Biba Change is beautiful
Dowry is something that cannot be defined in one specific word, over the time it has changed its name, from a monetary transaction that includes some fractions of money and a car has now turned itself into a transaction that still happens between two families but is unsung. Primarily because of the mindset of experienced people in our society who are in their golden age. We cannot blame them as they have been grown up in such a society and have been incorporated with such beliefs. But now what is mandatory is to change our mindsets and if it’s difficult to do so than it is best to accept the change because guys, change is beautiful. Now people around are getting aware that age old custom of dowry is something that is archaic and only results in woes. It is best to not ask for dowry and not to give any dowry.

Love how BIBA has initiated this ode to Womanhood for this International Women’s Day. The leading ethnic apparel brand after its powerful message on gender prejudice in arranged marriages, has come up with yet another gripping digital film on Dowry-a social iniquity which is still prevalent in our society. We need to hold hands and become a face of a forward thinking society not only when it comes to dowry issues but also when it comes to gender equality and any kind of subjugation.

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