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We all know the amount of pollution we intake in our daily life, moreover the amount doubles during the Diwali season. So here are some known beauty tips that you should amend. Not only should we drink large quantities of water but give extra attention to our skin care regime. From cleaning to toning to moisturising, we should definitely stick to this routine religiously. Lately I got my hands on these three natural products by Just B au Naturel. They have quite a variety to suit your skin type and luckily you can also gift yourself or your buddy a box made out of your favourite products. Just B Au Naturel aims in creating naturally safe, effective skin products by using the finest sustainably sourced cruelty free, fair trade ingredients. They hope to bring purity, energy and balance into everyday life through the creation of natural and organic products. Contrary to other beauty care brands, they offer products for men, baby’s and women.

The best thing is that they give guarantee of using 100% pure natural and organic ingredients in their skincare products. <3

In this blog, I am reviewing their best selling products:

1. Bio cleansing water – It is not like other cleaning agents as it also has the property to tone your face while cleaning it. It is liquid based like a toner. You cannot remove hard party make up from it as it is not a make up remover but a cleanser that hydrates your skin while cleansing the day to day dirt. Though, it’s very much successful in removing black kohl from your eyes but when it comes to proper foundation, it leaves some residue. Overall totally loved the quantity and quality of this product.

2. Skin Exfoliator – I personally like fragrant beauty care products, but this exfoliator smells like oats. It’s not at all foul smelling but has a neutral fragrance. It’s easy to use, as you do not have to look for rose water and other things to mix it up, rather just add few drops of water and give a little massage to your facial muscles. It does clarifies your skin from all the unwanted impurities but truly not sure about it’s whitening properties.

3. Eye Serum – I am a person, who is awake late at night and has to wake up early in morning. Dark circles have always been my constant unwanted companion. But this product seriously did wonders. I will not say that the dark circles are completely gone but I have got better results in just one week. It is one of the product, I can rely on.


Exfoliator – Just B au Naturel


Eye serum – Just B au Naturel



You can shop these products from – Website. Also, you can win one of these products. Wondering how? Stay tuned on my Instagram account. <3


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