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You must have been hearing a lot about the “Boho look” while shopping or while catching up with the latest style trends. Boho, short for bohemian, is the new buzzword in town but what does it really mean to be a bohemian (if you are not from Bohemia that is)? A bohemian is a nonconformist, somebody who follows the heart and not the norm. The“Boho chic” is a not a rebel but has a strong individual style with hippie and bohemian influences.

When you were a little girl, you must have imagined your wedding over and over again. How you’d wear reds and maroons, sit pretty and the world would be at your feet. Now, when it is about to become a reality, you realise that you have your own sense of style and want to do things your way. And maybe ditch the typical reds and coy smiles and just feel free.

It is fairly easy to incorporate the Boho chic look into any of your wedding outfits. The key is minimalism. Don’t forget that anything in excess can just reverse the look. No matter which style you opt for, do try it well in advance because you don’t want anything to dampen your spirits around your wedding.

If done right, the Boho look can be a lot of fun and quite the statement, however, if it’s not infused right, you will be remembered for years to come, but for all the wrong reasons. Shreya Jain, the jewellery and beauty expert from Kalyan Jewellers tried one such look on herself and you can see that in that video below.

boho girl

In her video, she shows you how you can achieve the Boho Makeup Look for any of your wedding functions. The star of this look is your hair and your headgear. Using the right kind of jewellery for your hair is very important and Shreya has chosen a gold string necklace by Kalyan Jewellers. If strings are not your thing, you can experiment with maathapattis.

boho look style, shreya jainVoluminous hair with soft curls is the route Shreya has taken and it falls just in place with her entire look.

You can view her step-by-step tutorial here:

To be a Bohemian Queen, don’t just limit the makeup and add a headgear, but also experiment with the different styles of clothing and colours, for example, contrasting fuschia colour dupatta with beige lehenga.

For more such suggestions do not forget to like and watch the video below from Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers.


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