Azaya Beach Resort, South Goa


Recently we visited Azaya Beach Resort, Goa in August. I know it’s an offseason and you guys would be thinking that why did I visit Goa around that time. Though let me tell you, Goa is like literally on toes now for all the twelve months. Though most of the famous places are closed, like Cabana, our favorite Saturday night market nonetheless it’s quite pleasant even during the so-called ‘Off Season’.

Azaya Beach Resort 12
Azaya Beach Resort 12
Azaya Beach Resort 12We stayed at Azaya Beach Resort for the first two nights amidst the calmness of South Goa and beach and the best thing was that our resort was beach facing. While dining, swimming we can whiff the salty air.

It’s one of those resorts that have some good scrumptious deserts and a good variety of cuisines. We order quite a few desserts in our pool villa and oh my what days it was. Still, remember that soft drizzle when we were in the pool enjoying music in our Wonderboom speakers and some lovely deserts at Azaya Beach Resort.

Azaya Beach Resort 12

Azaya Beach Resort 12

Azaya Beach Resort 12
Though the pool villa is said to be for triple occupancy no lass it’s not. It’s a bit petite for sleeping but nonetheless, it’s simply beautiful especially the tub and the view.

One of the best advantages of Azaya Beach Resort Goa is the adjoining beach that’s just in the walking distance. It’s majorly the private beach and moreover, it’s clean and lovely. Other than the luxury of the beach they have a private reading library and a fabulous open-air bar.

Azaya Beach Resort 12
Azaya Beach Resort 12
Azaya Beach Resort 12

So other than the property, let me tell you about some of the awesome places you can visit to wind off your stress and enjoy the night but sorry to disappoint you all of them are in North Goa.

One of the best party place in offseason has to be Antares Goa, HillTop ( they had some really good trance party going on during that time ), Brittos for your day lunches (the best thing in Brittos is the scrumptious food and the beach view) and Capetown at Tito’s Lane.

Thus, in short, our Goa Trip was a full success and as they say, Goa is never a bad idea.

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