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When you see beyond the horizon, all you want is to get hold of the light that is coming towards you. It is a light that could retaliate the darkness within you. A side that you are strongly aware of but keep it hidden because once it takes over your better self, you know there is no coming back any sooner. You hold on to your belongings, your responsibilities, and most importantly yourself. In search of that light, you start to travel; you start seeking abode in peaceful places that are far from the hustle bustle of a city life. You start venturing into new possibilities of life, not just because that your life has turned into a miserable thing but you are seeking for a change that is much needed. A change that helps to recover you from the darkness that is empowering you. A darkness is not just a place where you act as a devil but a place where you let a weak side of yours vouch upon you. A side that once met shall be put to rest.
I thereby present you a blog editorial in collaboration with Rungg Shoes, Pookaari Jewelry and AM:PM Fashion.
Rungg Shoes, Rung which in English means color was founded by Ekta Sethi, who wanted to explore her desire to create beautiful shoes that are a blend of form and function. 'Rungg was started as a brand that aims to marry the present and the past; comfort & art; a shoe that embraces the classic Indian with a flare of the modern.' My personal take on Rungg is that these beautifully handcrafted embroidered shoes are a luxury for your feet. They are comfortable and yet stylish. The best thing is, that you can shop them online. I wore it long enough to tell you that all the embroidery was in place as most of the times I have seen embroidered shoes messing up your feet but here the case was just opposite. Loved the comfy feel of these beauties. The metallic zari embroidery with gold and silver kardana beads on these velvet heels just leave you spellbound. Rungg has amazing variety when it comes to wedges and heels moreover they have various designs to choose from, visit them before it goes out of stock.
Wondering where are these beautiful baubles from? I want to introduce you to Pookaari Jewellery, an online fashion accessory brand. It offers an extensive variety of jewellery and bags for women. It is an online fashion retailer providing you with many kinds of products from top-notch designers. Shop their wide variety of women's collections that include necklaces, earrings, pendants, bangles, rings, bracelets, brooches, bags and all the other things that will help you to keep stylish.


IMG_9273Pookari Jewellery

am pm fashion 1

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