A fab beauty box.

It’s like over 9-10 months, I have been a continuous subscriber of The Fab Bag. I think even before that, when they were called Vellvette, and their products used to arrive in a box. Always being fascinated about the new beauty products made me land up here buying subscriptions over subscriptions.

You can find products from low to high range and buy them according to your convenience and what is better than to try on the samples before the actual purchase of the product. However, The Fab Bag even gives out 1-2 full size products within the minimal subscription rate. The versatility of the color of bags and the products is perhaps unmatched. Over a year has passed and, I have not received any single repeated product.

Most of the products that, I got have been consumed but these are the products that are still in the stock. The varieties of brands they deal in are unmatched. The products in the picture are just an iota of the brands in which they deal in. You cannot say that every product is exquisite or unbeatable but then that is the reason they are providing you with samples. So that you can choose or scrap, it in future according to your own free will.

From Clean & Clear to Kama, From La Splash to H2O Plus. The multifariousness for this brand never fades. Even my earlier blog talked about the Just Herbs product, I received in the bag and how much I loved it.

.This blog is just to express my love for a most fabulous beauty box  The Fab Bag not as a blogger but as a customer. 🙂


Please send us a mail, If you would like to see your brand up here! Email at aanchal.goel01@gmail.com or fill the Contact form below. :)

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