Women’s Day ft. Femella

Hello Lovely Ladies,

How was your women’s day celebration? You might have seen many slogans and posters up on your newsfeed talking about women’s right, women’s might and women’s fight but did you just pause for a moment and realise what we all already have? If you are still thinking you don’t have any rights in this world or you don’t have any support, pause for a moment and just see that the whole world is celebrating the idea of you being what you are, that is an independent, a free spirited women.With hundreds of brands engaging their users to celebrate the idea of being a women and short movies coming up to celebrate women’s day, do you really don’t think we should have a men’s day too? Why can’t we cheer up and see those movies and a full week of celebration on an idea that yes, he is a man and well, so what? Are we still subordinates that we need a day to celebrate our sex?

Though we really don’t mind some pampering not because we are women’s but a normal and sane human being. Is it that men don’t like if someone shower them with some love? I really don’t know why do we all fight for our rights and still celebrate Women’s day.

Anyhow, this topic is a never ending thing and let’s not drown ourselves in these thought processes! Let’s celebrate the incoming of SPRING <3. After all it’s everyone’s favourite season also this floral yellow midi dress from Femella is all together an offspring of Spring, don’t you think so? 😉

I love the quality of Femella outfits and moreover the fit of this dress is far too perfect. Though yes, it is not for hard core summers as I don’t think that the fabric is for hot season but yes, you can enjoy wearing it in this weather or even around those times when there is a soft breeze in the air and hint of sun rays fall on your face and it’s not that hot when you have to carry water bottles to keep yourself hydrated.

Lastly, Other than this, did you check my last post with Femella yet? If not you can check it here. 🙂

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