Winter Love <3

We all are recipients of inner beauty until a day comes when an external force knocks on the wall and we are left standing there in front of the hard reality. A reality of which you were quite aware but had not faced it before. It was something that dwelled in an outside world and was untouched by you. But a time comes when you have to face the real truth. A truth for which you have to gear up and be confident enough, so that even when the hard truth touches you, you are standing their, all prepared to ricochet.


forever 21Well if you read those above lines again, you will get to know to how many moments of your life, you can relate to that external force. Well, even these winters are like that. They come and leave unaware of your mind set, all you have to do is to gear up and be prepared. 😛

For this blog post, I have a styled a simple marsala sweatshirt from Forever 21 with a coat from Stalk Buy Love. This cozy sweatshirt can easily be worn as a top or a dress. If you have to enhance the look of such sweatshirts, it is best to pair it with a scarf or a coat like I did. Many of you, don’t like wearing stockings, but it is better to keep yourself warm than being a prey to these winters.

stalk buy love 1
To keep the look casual and chic, pair it up with white shoes. Believe me these white beauties are so much in these days. A trend that is being accepted by so many of us, moreover they are so much more comfortable to walk around. This look reminds me of a back to school moment, what is missing is just a trendy back pack. 😉 So girls, keep yourself warm and trendy this winter.

stalk buy love 2

stalk buy love 3
stalk buy love


Would love to hear how did you find this look in the comments below. 🙂


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