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When you find an outfit that does not pass for jacket, hoodie or any usual stuff like a shrug then you know you have found your winter dressing. This Heather Black Letter Print Side Slit Hoodie Dress from is all what you need to make your winter look unique and fashionable. Pair it with you sneakers and a pop coloured sling or bag to rock this look.

Well, what type of a winter girl are you? Do you prefer to wear short dresses over hoodies and warm outerwear? or do you welcome winter with covering yourself with warm clothes? Most of us don’t generally love the idea of winter and covering ourselves up with end number of layers, but what even if our winter dressing can be modish? Think about it. 🙂 I love how as the year passes we have more options than the mains. From hoodie dresses to fancy shrugs we have numerous option to select and when the winter sale is going on, how can we just limit up to one hoodie? 😉

I did one winter look last month too, you can view it here if shrugs are your thing. Also girls, there is an ongoing discount on their website for Black Friday and Cyber Monday ie. up to 80% on 25th and 28th November, that too with free shipping. What else can you ask for this Christmas?

Also, I have been trying on new skin care and make up products lately, so if you are newbie in contouring and wondering where to invest then I tried few product to create this look. You can view the product here.

Who are you? Are you the one with the face or are you the one behind that face? People say that a person has many faces and you may think that it is not true, but just think about it and look into yourself and see what you really are? You are a friend, a lover, a sister and what not? So girls carry yourself in the best way possible as you are not just one but many personalities in one.

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