Winter Hep ft. Femella

Winter is my favourite when it comes to play dress up. With layers to layer on and versatile ways of wearing one particular outfit makes your winter more delightful. Probably because I am in this field, I love to experiment with my clothing and come up with quite a lot of ways on how to style one particular outfit.

This Femella dress from summer wardrobe styled with coat from Stalk Buy Love, stocking, scarf and our favourite winter boots can make you ready for any evening party. As I have always been short of words in explaining the quality of Femella outfits, doubled with the feasible price, I believe that this dress is something that can be in your wardrobe for 365 days. Either wear it with an overcoat or showoff it’s cool back in summers, you will anyway get the onlookers looking right at you.

It is one of those winter look that will look great with smokey eyes, pulled up hair and dark lips. Don’t overdo it as it can make you look gothic but don’t either forget to layer as layering can never be out of fashion and do not bluntly copy it, as it something that defines you.


‘Look at her!’, she heard them saying. ‘Who is she and from where does she come?’, she heard them talking on her back. ‘Oh, she is not any famous personality.’, she heard one of the girls saying.

Who you are and how other perceives you are two different things. As its an old saying if people are talking about you then just think you are in the right direction and well, why not? The best thing is to be silent and let your work be an answer for them. 

Boots: Forever 21
On Eyes: Eyeshadow Palette from Sleek
On Lips: City Color Be Matte Lipstick M 23 (Lana)

Location: Westin, Pushkar.

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