White dress ft. Yellow Hanger

Let’s wander into the woods and look for a haven where only we can reside. A place that we can also call our humble abode. Let’s not rest and stay calm when you know you have a wandering desire. Let’s move out of the box because the box is a clichĂ© thing now. Let’s step out and hug the sky and kiss the breeze.

Let’s not rest and let’s not stop and if there is something to behold you, then loosen that grip or turn that grip into your most loved asset and travel together. Let’s carry our backpack and travel again to a new destination an unexplored place is waiting for you, just sit back and surf about your new destination.

Well, I wish all of the above was my daily routine but isn’t it that every daily routine tends to get tedious? I guess so! But still this travel bug has bitten me and I do not wish to stop and while I travel, I wish to carry some of my favourite fashionable outfits along and this one lace dress from Yellow Hanger is one such outfit that I could personally carry everywhere and anywhere.

Pair it with either tan boots or flip flops, you would rock this look anyhow. I personally always like pair whites with tan, red or blue but you can obviously try other colours and do tag us on Instagram (@mymultifaceteddiary) for us to stalk you. 😉

Also, this is not just the outfit from Yellow Hanger, we have shot one more look from the brand and will keep you posted for that too! What I loved in Yellow Hanger is that their designing and sense of creativity is different from the usual, though you would find more of those clothes that can be worn at the beach or a coastal area that’s near sea, so if you are heading for your next vacation do check them out!

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