When you try to be cute.

I have seen people averting from the colour pink primarily because it is too girlish for them or it’s too childish but I guess pink has its own vibes. It’s a colour that can connect people and can look good on anyone. You just need to carry it well and you are going to love every bit of it.

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rhea jewellery

She lived. She lived every moment of what life can bestow on her. She prayed not to the marble gods but to the providence within her. She believed in it. She believed in what she saw and certainly not on what she heard. She was a girl in her teens who thought that life can be mean if she fails to impress. Impress that does not only meant impressing your fellow mates but the idea of being accepted by them. Little did she know that the world is not like this and she was not only the target of that acceptance business but everyone around her was running in the same rat race with a mask on their face. She was a sweet girl, impervious of the mean behaviour around. A day came when she realised that it’s vain to run after acceptance as in this world no one can be truly yours until and unless you can be truly theirs. But she had this deficiency, of loving someone. Loving someone truly, madly and deeply.

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In this post I have styled the clip-on earrings from Rhea Jewellery as a hair accessory. I felt it’s too big for my ears but if you have an elegant gown and a beautiful bun, these earrings can surely do justice. Best part about them is that they can be styled in various ways from brooch to hair accessories to earrings. Stay tuned as in my next, I will be showcasing their neckpiece that is beautifully crafted with by Rima Jain, curator and founder of Rhea Jewellery.

Rhea Jewellery

rhea jewellery

Outfit : Stalk Buy Love
Photography : Street Style Delhi


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