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Wedding season never fades away and when it comes to a wedding ensemble, it should always be intact, as you never know when you would be attending a wedding next. Now a days whenever you log into your Facebook account, all you can see are wedding pictures, sometimes of your old school friend and sometimes just an acquaintance, but what glues you to your screens are the different makeovers done by all the brides and her friends.

Wedding Hairstyles

From messy fish braids to topknots with donuts and two different styles of braiding, these hairstyles are easy to learn and quick to make. You can flaunt them with your western attire or your ethnic ensemble any which way they can look good.

Wedding Hairstyles

An expert hair stylist suggests that one should go for a hairdo according to the face shapes. Like if you have a round face and you do a top bun you may look cute, but may not do justice of looking elegant, similarly a huge bouffant may not look good on girls with long faces as it will only end up making your face look elongated. So girls, you may end up trying hundreds of looks, but you should go with the one in which you feel that you will make all the heads turn. 😉

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