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If you have been to Goa and if you were not able to find a good spa then take my words and head to Warren Tricomi Spa at Novotel Resorts and Spa and you will not be disappointed. The Spa at Novotel Goa Resorts & Spa is designed like a tropical Balinese style garden and from staff to each and every step at Warren Tricomi Spa is well planned and managed i.e. they look after each and every spa etiquettes!

Wondering what I mean by basic etiquettes? Well, there are few things like a warm floor, clean and soft towels and a warm treatment table with a proper headrest as when you turn over there is a pot of roses to relax your senses, don’t you think it would be lovely?

novotel spa warren tricom
warren tricom spa
warren tricom spa
novotel spa 2
novotel spa 2

We were welcomed with a sweet drink, water bottle and a hot towel to freshen up and till the time we were enjoying the scenery, hot stones for our Hot stone massage were set to prepare. We walked through beautifully constructed wooden chalets to reach towards our room and who would not love such a view?

Though the Warren Tricomi Spa offers a wide range of treatments including rejuvenating Massages, delectable Wraps & Scrubs, refreshing Facials, holistic Ayurvedic Treatments and their Signature Hammam rituals along with Hair, beauty and Nail services but I opted for my pre loved Hot Stone Massage.

warren tricom spa
novotel spa warren tricom

The Masseuse starts the procedure with softy cleaning your foot with Jasmine Bath Salt and then you head to the treatment table. What I loved in Hot Stone Massage was the pressure they used, it was neither hard nor soft but with every touch the hot stone dipped in hot oil relaxed the body more than you can even think. It was a 60 minutes treatment where Therapist started the pressure from my toes and continued by softly tapping by leg with oiled hot stone.

The oil she used was fragrance free and as the time passed, I literally went into deep sleep. From head massage to full body, she managed everything too smoothly. When the time cam to turn and lay face down, I was too lazy to move but had to manage it somehow.
During the massage the therapist used five heated stones, corresponding to the five elements of our body i.e. air, fire, earth, space and water. With each gentle movement of the hot stone, the heat melted into the body making me more relaxed and calm.

Warren Tricomi Spa at Novotel Goa Resorts & Spa_Fotor
Warren Tricomi Spa at Novotel Goa Resorts & Spa_Fotor

At the end we went for a hot steam and got drenched for fifteen minutes where oil seeped in through the pores and all I could think of head to beach and look at the waves! Yes, it was that relaxing. 🙂

warren tricomi spa

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