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Most of the times we fall for clothes that are not of our style but the idea of wearing it woos us. This is one such outfit from Stalk Buy Love. The moment I saw this outfit, I thought of buying it but then the idea did not seem right as this style is not what I would prefer to wear above other clothes in my closet. But you know, what’s the harm in trying?

Shockingly, I loved it. Though it looked quite bland without the belt that I styled from my wardrobe. If you don’t own a similar kind of belt, you can even go for a printed one, it may look great as the outfit is comparatively blank. Contrast it with red, peach or black other than white and it can even pass for your lunch date with that special one. I believe, even when sometimes you opt for clothing that is not of your style, there are moments you can experiment with them and results are just hear throbbing.
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Stalk Buy Love, jumpsuit
Stalk Buy Love

Walk in style, with your attitude on and your back straight. Maybe in the next step you come across that bully from your school whom you used to hate, or a crush that never reciprocated back with the same feelings and sadly, still in your repressed memory you remember when you made a fool of yourself in front of those brutes. So why to shudder now as you were even good then but now you are the best, isn’t it?

There were times when you felt low and you buried your face in the pillow but are those times not enough to feel lagged down? So why to spare one more moment and give anyone a power over you? Be confident, be sure, be yourself now. 
Stalk Buy Love, jumpsuit
Stalk Buy Love

This outfit though gives us retro vibes but when I styled it, I realised that now there is no style left that you can say is not in trend in the times we live. Now, as what ever you wear, till the time you are confident in it and looking great, it all works.

Stalk Buy Love, jumpsuit
Stalk Buy Love, jumpsuit


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