VLCC Diamond Facial Kit

When you think of facial, you think of a long procedure that would take place in parlours, hence you generally opt for a holiday or a weekend to get your beauty rituals done, same was with me until now. J

vlcc diamond facial kit 7
Recently I got my hands on VLCC Diamond Facial kit and though it comes in a small pack, that is suitable for one time usage. When you can get your facial done at home with a minimal cost of INR 350, I really don’t think you need anything else.

To start with the procedure, there are six vital steps to complete the whole process and luckily they have each and everything in this small kit.
Other things you need to keep handy before you start with the process are?

a. Towel
b. A water bowl
c. Cotton Pads


  1. The first step involves cleaning and toning: They have a Pre-Facial cleanser cum Toner with Aloe Vera extracts. The cleanser has a lovely fragrance and after the first usage your skin feels soft and refreshed. Also, as it is a cleanser, you just need damp cotton.vlcc diamond facial kit 7
  2. Then comes Scrubbing: The scrub in this VLCC Diamond Facial kit is translucent in nature. Also, I generally don’t say so but it is one of the best scrubs I have used in a while. (I am not sure if you can get a tube of it separately, will check and let you know). The main ingredient in this scrub is diamond bhasma that is obtained through pulverizing diamonds with herbs and has cell renewing and rejuvenating properties. It also has jajoba oil that removes the impurities from the skin and provides long lasting moisture.vlcc diamond facial kit 6
  3. Third in the row is moisturizing (Lotion): It is one of those light lotions that gets easily absorbed on your skin by making a protective layer on your face to fight against tanning. It detoxifies the skin by enhancing the skin’s natural defence mechanism and thus keeping it healthy.vlcc diamond kit lotion 
  4. Then comes Diamond Massage Gel: This moisturized gel have visible diamond bhasma particles in it and as the VLCC Diamond Massage gel is enriched with Aloe Vera too, it helps the skin to fight pre mature ageing and restores the elasticity of the skin by providing intense nourishment.TIP: When you take the gel on your fingertips to massage and if get absorbed quickly, dab water on your fingers and massage all over again.vlcc diamond facial kit 1.2
  5. Diamond Wash Off Face Mask: It helps to even your skin tone, though I felt a pinch of irritation on my skin probably because of the orange peel extract. But it surely deeply cleanses your skin revealing a youthful natural glow.vlcc diamond facial kit 7
  6. Last step in this beauty ritual is the Moisturizer: This oil free Moisturizer enriched with Aloe Vera, Watermelon and Cucumber extracts moisturizes the skin while SPF 15 with PA+ protect it from harmful UVA & UVB rays. So now you know, which tube you should use for your daily sun protection.vlcc diamond facial kit 6

Post the facial I could actually see a polished and a glowing skin. Though the glow was intact for few hours, I will be using this kit on a weekly basis and will let you know if that natural glow pertains.


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