Vismaya Couture- Red is for love

What matters is no matter what happens, you should stand with your head held high. Confidence only comes from positivity around you. Look for the positive side of a thing rather than flipping it to find the bad side.

Inspiration is something we can get from our freedom fighters. One such ideology of our leader was the Khadi Movement which was to promote the use of Khadi and to boycott the other British fabrics. Keeping this ideology in mind and being heftily inspired by this movement the designers from Vismaya Couture made this Khadi Collection. In my blog you can see the glimpse of their most coveted marsala quilted red pant suit. 
I thereby present you my favourite outfit from Vismaya Couture’s Spring Summer’15 collection. Vismaya Couture was started by the duo, Aarti Rele and Jhelum Rele. They aim to use Khadi in their collection in some or the other way. Like this outfit, though it is quilted but is made from Raw Silk Khadi. It cannot be worn in a day time especially in these Indian Summers but surely would look extravagant in your night dinners. This range of collection from the brand is quite feasible if you love to adorn yourself in some Khadi material. They plan to use Khadi in almost all of there collection. When having a word with Jhelum Rele, I realised that she was so much excited for her next free fall collection that’s more into street style and summer wear. Cannot wait to have a glimpse of it.

Here are some looks with the same outfit. Check it out!

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