Valentine’s Day ft.Roving Mode

When love kicks in all other enzymes goes out or is it vice versa? Love is not what it looks like, as it comes in different variations from sizes to weights. Yes ! It is true. As love is not just a feeling that belongs to your guy crush but it is a larger thing that also comes in a small pack, be it your girlfriend, sister or that newborn in your house. If you ask me what is love, I can tell you that, I have done thesis on it and I don’t even hate the idea of Valentine’s Day after all it’s a day that kicks you and asks you to show your love no matter what your mood is or what your work is. At least for a day you can let go of all the mind games and delve into what really matters.
You may ask, why do you need just one day to celebrate love? Well, may I ask, are you celebrating love on other 364 days? Are you? 14th Feb it’s just an occasion, for you to feel happy. Don’t look at other couples, you don’t know their history but love what you have gained so far and that is what future beholds.

This dress from Roving Mode is one of those dresses that I can spend Valentine Day with my girlfriends. Though, 14th Feb being a universal thing, we generally can’t find a corner for us but as thousands of cafeterias opening now and then, one would be surely there to accommodate you, if not then a knick knack with your loved ones at their place or office isn’t a bad idea either. After all it’s about being happy and celebrating the idea of love with your partner in crime.
With Roving Mode you can be assure of the quality and fit of the outfit. You can style this dress the way I have or you can go for your pre loved white sneakers.

roving mode 2
roving mode 2
roving mode 2
roving mode 2
roving mode 2
roving mode 2
roving mode 2

Location Courtesy: Alila Diwa Goa.
PS: One of our Goa travel soon will soon be live.

Stay tuned.


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