Unattainable dream

The sunrays were falling on his brows while he was pondering on the life he had lived. The moments he had cherished and the times when he felt alone even in the presence of his family.
Kartik was an actor who was always surrounded by his fans. Who cluttered around him like a bee hovering over a flower. He got recognition sooner than any other actors did in the industry the reason being that he was the son of the famous actor. Mr. Amitabh was known for his famous and legendary work. Being a father, he wanted Kartik to share that same fruit of life. However, Kartik had his own dreams and passions. His interest was into fashion industry. He wanted to be a fashion designer. Nevertheless, his father could not see his only son becoming one. As the image of fashion designers was not good among the society and he could not see his son being the prey of it.

Earlier, Kartik used to love all the attention he received in the film industry but he sooner realized that the fame he got always came attached with his father’s name. He realized this was not his dream, not his desire, not his life. He was living his father’s dream. What he wanted was individuality, his independence and his life back. He wanted to let go of this identity as it was a lie in which he was living but his love and respect for his father made him stay.

He tasted an uninvited success with an added flavor of his father’s blessings. He remained in the industry more than he wanted to survive.

As the years flew past, Kartik developed a dual personality. One his father loved and another he wanted to become. The lies that his father believed and the truth of seeking individuality that Kartik dreamt.


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