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When you know that everything around you is going perfect and you are being so spiffy head, wanting to lead only on the right track. What can you fear the most? Perhaps a loss of loyal readers or a loss of some friends close to your heart. I am only talking about this fear and not about the fear of losing your family/job or love. At this time every single turbulence creates a muddle around you. You keep on leaning back to a point that you believe can hold you and pull you back. But then, you forget that this is a real world and you have to keep on peddling until you reach at least some where near the shore.

In this post, I present you a glimpse of new collection from one of the most trendy fashion brand Missa More Clothing.
Have worked with them in past as well but their new trendy clothes are something that you must have in your wardrobe. Though personally, I believe that many of you would not like the material quality but then if you go with styles and designs then you should go for it.

In the first look I styled their symmetrical patterned button down slit top with a black denim from Forever 21 and wooden wedges from Dulla Shoes. Here are some pictures from the same.








DSC_0118_FotorIt’s rightly said that when power is not given to you, you have to take it.

She was like a wind moving through you when you were dreaming. You were not aware of what she has put herself in, to match up with your standards. But finally one single day, she realised that the turbulence she has felt was nothing more than a fear. A fear to succeed, to stand apart. So, she took it in her hands to be the boss of her life.

In the second look, I have paired the plaid slit top with cream pants from Zara and loafers from Hats Off Accessories. Those dangles are a set of pair. But I have worn both on the same ear.
Here are some pictures from the same.



mm1 mm3



fimal1 final


And She Ruled.

Also, I have styled both the footwear in my previous posts as well. For the loafers have a look here and for wooden wedges here.

Until next post,

Stay with me.




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