Time Reversal Spa: The Lalit Mangar

If you have been following me on my social media, you would know where I am hopping and going next. From my last travel to The Lalit Mangar though all the details about our stay will be shared soon but this very blog is about the Time Reversal Spa that we experienced during our stay.

To start with, when you enter this corner of The Lalit Mangar where the spa is located, your first contact is with Bhagawad Gita and you understand what the time reversal theme really stands for. I liked the concept and the way they have built this place, with rooms being quite spacious and a personal bathroom attached for steam. Though, as it’s not completely operational, quite a few treatments were not available with even fewer masseuse but with the quality they provide, I am sure they will be a hit.

To start with the details of our treatment and as you all know that I have always liked strong pressure during the spa, so I opted for Deep Tissue Massage. Lydia my therapist started the procedure by softly cleaning my foot then going towards dry massage, which is usually means, a procedure where the therapist stretches your body to release all that tension that have been tied up in your joints. Well, she stretches your body in a way that will undoubtedly make you wonder what did you do wrong? 😛 Haha! Just kidding, she knows aptly where to put pressure and how to release those knots on your back.

Following the above, Lydia started the deep tissue oil massage which was equally soothing as the oil was warm and pressure was apt. Though, it pains when the pressure is applied on the knots on your back but the after effect leaves you quite rejuvenated.

Time Reversal Spa- The Lalit Mangar
Spa-The Lalit Mangar 2
Time Reversal Spa- The Lalit Mangar
Time Reversal Spa- The Lalit Mangar
Ratings: 3/5

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