The Red Dress

People say that a little black dress is all what you need in your wardrobe but believe me if you are missing on a red dress, you are missing onto something much more.

The red dress accentuates every aspect of femininity and you may not be comfortable enough to carry such a bright colour, as I have heard girls saying that it’s not easy to pull off a red dress but when that red dress is draped on you, dear you are going to rock the world.

I got this red dress from Femella. What I loved the most is the quality and fit. If you are looking for a feasible buy, this is your destination.

Red Dress
Red Dress

She moved out of her closet, looking for loyal hearts with wisdom beneath, but all she could see empty souls with lustful desires ready to engulf you with their rough grasp. A touch that looks grim and can only trap you in the puddles of melancholy.
Red DressRed Dress
She had a loyal heart but people around said that loyalty is just a game. She stayed strong and believed in what she held true to her heart. Time flew and she grew. She became the girl she wanted to be and people envied her. She stood there with her red dress on and people around who used to growl stayed there watching her moving to her happy abode.

Femella Online dress
What is it with people around, sometimes I don’t understand? They try to mould you into their silicon plates while you know that you cannot just fit in. Why do people have a hard time accepting someone who is not like them? Such is the world and so vain are the people around.

Lastly, a small tip, you can also pair this dress with your favourite black heels to accentuate the full look. As this was a day out look, what can be better than a pair of white sneakers?

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