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Dear Brides,

We have talked a lot about what kind of attire or statement jewellery you should adorn, we have even talked about the event planning and the duties of your bridesmaid, but if you remember, we have always kept this straightforward, that you should not exceed your given budget. We do agree that sometimes it does hike a little, but then less is what can be accepted but not more than that.

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Maintaining a budget will not make you any less, but it will reflect that you are a smart shopper. When it comes to wedding jewellery, try to invest more in gold, we are not saying that it may give you a great return, but it gives you the maximum return. Also always, buy from a certified jeweller who will give you a certificate recognized by the industry. Moreover, buying, budget jewellery does not mean that you do not invest in crafted neckpieces, delicate nathanis or diamonds, but you should split your budget for each accessory accordingly.
You should opt for those pieces of jewellery that can even be worn later with your elegant sarees and ravishing gowns. Try the mix and match approach with your heirloom jewellery, so that you don’t have to spend your entire budget on buying new pieces.

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If your heart lies in wearing a heavy neckpiece, try to embed two pieces of necklaces in that one statement neckpiece so that you can even wear them separately when you desire. You must not end up buying something that you would not use later. If you are a mama’s girl, go out with her and buy something that you both like, as we all know that in the end, our mother’s are the best advisors.

Wamika Sunda, the wedding expert from Kalyan Jewellers also rightly advises to include heirloom jewellery in your attire and to go for a lighter weight ornaments with your heavily embroidered outfits.

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