That Delhi Girl

We all think that Delhi has it’s magic charm that even can make you fall in love with the roadside food that you never thought of having until now. People who live in other parts of India believe that Delhi is like a Pandora Box, with so many happy prospects. Well, it is like that if you open your arms and welcome the truth and bitter ideas of life. That Delhi Girl is a story of a girl who belonged to Delhi with her heart and soul. People do think because of so many video’s that have gone viral that a Delhi Girl  is someone who is pricey, someone who shows off a fake Michael Kors and makes you believe that it’s the real one. Someone who is crazy to get a guy but when she gets one, she shifts to the next one. I have seen people longing to meet a Delhi Girl. But to be honest, Delhi girl is someone similar to any other girl living in your city. She too has dreams to achieve big. She too wants to find someone whom she can love endlessly. Don’t judge with her sense of dressing, she can wear the shortest of clothes and look elegant a.f. She can wear the torn jeans with a shirt and can look ruthless if she wants.

There is no categorising because there is no line that separate them from all the girls in your town. Though, what you need to admit is that Delhi Girl has the sense of humour that can rock your mind and numb your senses. A girl who will be sweet to you at one moment and will only bitch about you if you aren’t nice and decent enough. But if you talk on her back and she gets to know then believe me, she is not going to spare even a single moment to pull you down.
Be sweet and spread happiness so that you get the same in return.

So for this blog, I have paired the Stalk Buy Love coats in two different ways. The Marsala peplum one with sheer stocking and boots from Woods. The lotus sling bag which I have also been paired in my earlier post, is from Wink, a Mumbai based brand. The glasses are from Lenskart, you must have a look at their newly launched collection.

For the second look, I have paired the olive trench coat from Stalk Buy Love with denims from Levi’s India. I always wanted to try layering and I finally succeeded . The shirt, I am wearing is from Aerpostale India. Did you check my last post around it? If not you can check it in the above link.

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