Summer restrained yet ft. femella

With all the happenings around where Mr. Modi shaking the world with his sudden announcement of discontinuation of our pre loved and pre saved INR 500 and INR 1000 notes and leaving us feeling naked on the street and to Trump winning the election you cannot just trust anyone anymore. Be aware of what is happening  and keep the track of all movements happening around, you don’t know what turn our life takes next. 😛

Life events are surely uncertain. Last night watching television while taking dinner and suddenly Mr Modi popped up on the news channel declaring that cash you have been saving in your drawers from long or the sagan you have been receiving on Diwali or other functions are no longer valid. Well that was a quiet blow. Over the years and watching our family around saving money for unhealthy times, even we over generations have incubated this behaviour, though to be honest it I feel it will be much better to use net banking over cash. Let’s see how this life event turns out to be.

Well, leaving all these topics aside as we have no choice but to welcome it with open hands. So girls, this dress from Femella is what you need to stock if you are still looking for off shoulders. Not only it looks good as a summer dressing but can also be worn as an outfit with a blush pink, red or as its white you can happily match any coloured coat with the same. It will do justice anyways. You can pair it with your favourite shoes or boots to rock this look.

Also, is it just me or now seriously we just don’t feel like wearing slippers or sandals with our outfits? With me it’s either shoes, boots or heels. Gone are the days or probably those college times when I used to wear those flip ons. 😛


Bag : Pratinava

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