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When you look up towards the sky and could feel the scorching heat falling on your skin in that same moment do you realize that the sunlight is also making your skin shine. My summer was made beautiful by my favorite brand last year. I thereby bring you the glimpse of my summer wardrobe that I cherish till now.

When I felt Summertime sadness hovering over me, I went straight to my favorite store to buy this beautiful gown to beat the summer hues. This bohemian themed gown of Global Desi puts the message across that fashion simply cannot can be beaten by Summer heat.

11077382_10205673727350136_2181094976171288352_oMy love for Global Desi simply does not end here! After buying this lovely orange gown, I went for another maxi dress from Bohemian themed collection. Though it looked lovely on a sunny morning but it even worked well on a Saturday night. The vibrant colors on the dress just makes your day more colorful. 10155105_10203155289550765_2204236596379971229_nWhen talking about Global Desi, how can I forget to mention about the second brand that comes under Anita Dongre that is AND. The collection this lady showcases resonates with my choice and my personality. The soothing colors of this jumpsuit always settles with the environment in which you step in.


You can visit them on their website and engage in some online shopping :
Global Desi


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