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Summer days !
Scorching soul looks for a cool place to rest and let go of the harsh responsibilities of this world. It travels around the world and becomes a wanderer in search of nothing. You don’t have to be a traveller and wander as I guess people tend to wander because they are not aware of what are they really looking for.
From morning to night they shudder with touch of warmth, a warm glow that used to bring light to the eyes, now looks like something evil. Such are these summer days and a wanderer’s only hope is a cool breeze knocking the window.

crow dress online
crow for you
Though the thing about this yellow glow is that it makes your skin look flawless under the light, neglecting the fact that it may end up creating patches on your body that was yet under the layer of calm moisturiser.
What is best in this weather than to wear your clothing not as a second skin that keeps hugging you but as a loose clothing that make your wander game strong.

A piece that bespoke of quality and design and is best worn without much accessories but just a twinkle here and a twinkle there making it a queen of your wardrobe, especially for this harsh summers.

crow worldwide 01
So I thereby present you 2nd outfit from CROW, wondering which one was the first one? Well you can click here and admire the piece, you will also find the details about the designer and the brand name. But to make your work process a little easier, you can shop the brand from here – Website Link or you can visit their Facebook Page and ask for the same piece. 😉

crow for you
crow for you
nappa dori bag
nappa dori sling


Bag : Nappa Dori
Bracelet : Janpath Streets.
Footwear : Shoe Tree

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