Street wear Part 2.

Missa more Clothing

So after some confusions in delivery and my travel to Darjeeling delayed my blog. You can see my Travel Blog here. But now when the shoots for this post are done, I am more than happy.

Street style is something everyone can relate to. A style in which you can breathe easily. This blog is about the styles curated by me with the slit maxi tops from Missa More Clothing. The fabric of the tops I received were light, easy to wear and had a perfect fit.

In the first look I paired the beige slit top with blue denims, kohlapuri and a turban. It’s an everyday look which can surely make the heads turn. You can pair it up with some junkies too.


mmclothing 1 mm final side pic mm final 7 mm final 6 mm final 5
Who am I? I am some one perhaps you did not even dream off. Not even someone you could think of. Someone who may not adhere to your rules if you are not pleasing enough. But even if you please, darling you have to wait in a long queue. I am not at your disposal nor within your reach, I am the end of your journey to eternity.

The second look from street wear is where my heart lies. Pairing up the mehroon slit top with a dhoti, a junk Matha Patti, some other accessories and our favourite fringe bag. If you come with some other style with the same slits tag me. 🙂

mm reed 6 mm red 7 mm red 4 mm red 3 mm red 2 mm red 1
If you want to view the Part 1, you can see it here.

Until then,
Stay with me.

Also, I am holding a giveaway on my Instagram this week. Stay tuned.


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